LL. B 1 Litigation teams

       FESTUS KEYAMU                           vs.                               FEMI FALANA

Aaron Treasure                                                                                   Agbo Margaret Akinkeye

Akwaji, Precious-lily Enegbe                                                           Amadi Darlington

Ategwu Paul                                                                                        Bassey Okokon Ita Chinyeaka Victor Ikenna                                                                                      Danjuma Upii

Egbuta Marvellous Victor                                                                Ebuka Ihedi Chukwu

Ejeje Peace Aboni                                                                              Etcheri Ernest Effiong

Essien Hillary                                                                                    Ezeonu Judith

Ezewere Precious                                                                           Gerald Belonwu (LL. B 2)            Ibiang Patience                                                                           Ibinabo Tamunotoye                       Isong Eugene                                                                              Obasesam Monday                            Obioso Esther                                                                             Odey-Emii Maria Goretti                Odu Michael                                                                                Ogbeche  Rose

Oluchi Otu Deborah                                                                  Okonkwo Sylvia                                  Prince Ebube Chukwuka                                                          Paul Mbia Osang                    Ukweni, Blessing Mba                                                              Ukwoa-Iroegbu

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Holiday Internship

We regrettably announce that the initially scheduled internship for members of the LL. B 2 to LL.B 4 class has been canceled because of the short holiday. The internship was expected to have started on Monday 6th October but we didn’t realise it is a public holiday. Other than that school is resuming on Friday the 10th and it will be unreasonable to start the internship.

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Bank of America’s African Analyst Summer Internship.
Minimum qualification is that applicants should expect to graduate in 2016 and must be on a strong 2.1. Apply here

apply here

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List of Associates to be admitted into the Gani Fawehinmi Chambers of Justice

1. Okonkwo Sylvia Oluchi
2. Ejeje Peace Aboni
3. Obioso Esther
4. Prince Ebube Chukwuka
5. Chinyeaka Victor Ikenna
6. Ogbeche  Rose
7. Hillary Essien
8. Darlington Amadi
9. Agbo Margaret Akinkeye
10. Gerald Belonwu
11. Ukwoa-Iroegbu
12. Odey-Emii Maria Goretti
13. Danjuma Upii
14. Isong Eugene
15. Ibiang Patience
16. Obasesam Monday
17. Ategwu Paul
18. Ezeonu Judith
19. Ibinabo Tamunotoye
20. Ezewere Precious
21. Otu Deborah
22. Ebuka Ihedi Chukwu
23. Paul Mbia Osang
24. Bassey Okokon Ita
25. Odu Michael
26. Aaron Treasure
Any complaints or inquiry should be leveled to Christopher Ogar or Kofi Apori (Principal Counsel)
We apologize for any name that has been wrongly spelt.

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What Gani Wants

Every year, potential neophytes wishing to be acolytes in the temple of Justice Present themselves for admission into the GANI FAMILY. By luck and sheer good fortune GANI seems to have attracted the best, however for the first time in many years GANI has laid down a module for choosing its young patners. GANI is remodelling and positioning itselft to be the best student law chambers in the country. Thus at this time, GANI seeks the best, the most daring and the most capable hands to carry out and fulfill this dream. This year’s interview shall be an interview like no other.
GANI seeks the following:
Potential GANITES must have the above traits, GANI is not an “all comers” affair. Consequently we shall keep the Biblical injunction- Many are called, few are choosen. GANI seeks to raise a generation of the best that exist, we dream and dare to see a time when GANITES would be effectively placed in vital and strategic places in our country,  to carry out the change which is much desired. Candidates therefore must search themselves and find within, the GANI SPIRIT.
We look forward to a greater, stronger and more effective GANI FAWEHINMI CHAMBERS OF JUSTICE.
Justice O. C. Ogar C.J.M
Director of Research and Documentation
Chairman Gani Fawehinmi Chambers of Justice Screening Committee 2014

Members of the 2014  Screening Comittee
Uchenna Okereke. Senate President Lawsan
Justice. Minika Bassey
Deborah Antigha
Senator  Ntami Eborty. Deputy Principal Counsel

Observer : Justice K. A. Apori C.J.L
                  Principal Counsel
                  Gani UNICAL            

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On the eleventh day of July 2014 GANITES showed what stuff they are made off. We set a standard well thats nothing new we are always setting standards.   Now other chambers including Lawsan are looking for a way to beat the standard we set. The dinner was held at the Atlantic Hall Marina Resort and the hall was beautifully designed. When our enemies people saw the hall they were surprised.


Then the food was to die for. Dont worry we wont post any pictures of the food we dont want those who didnt attend to salivate.
Then the lectures and talks by Mrs Nella Andem Rabana SAN, Barr. Mrs Pearl Williams, Barr Mrs. Rose Ohiama Ugbe and Barr Andrew Enwata were off the hook. Just as planned there was an after party where GANITES and anti Ganites danced and danced and danced.  Its is an event that wont be forgotten so soon. To the awardees congratulations to those who were newly called to chambers congratulations and remember that you are the new ambassadors for Gani. Dont drown in the sea, always swim as hard as you can.
Till next dinner

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The dinner



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